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Selling on Amazon can be very cost-effective.  Customers are searching for your products already, therefore the potential for your business to grow is huge.

All businesses are different, online selling journeys may be at varying stages.  Therefore, we offer a number of services to take your Amazon business to the next level.

Every session will provide you with ideas to be implemented immediately, saving you time and get you moving on your Amazon journey.

An assessment to identify how we can help you will be undertaken prior to any session being delivered.


1 to 1 Session

We recognize that Amazon can be daunting with many unknowns. As active professional sellers on Amazon, we can relate to your journey.  We will guide and mentor you, and remain with you every step of the way if desired.  Providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence, to enable you to succeed. Examples of areas we cover are: helping you to identify if your product is viable, profit margins, stock and investment required, and marketing.


group session

These modules go deeper into specific areas you may need support in.  Each module provides detailed, thought enhancing content, and light-bulb moments to get you ready to take action.

Module topics are:

• Ideas and Sourcing New Products

• Getting your Products onto Amazon 

• Promoting your Products (Marketing) 

• Amazon Reports/Finance/Fees

Contact us for prices (max 12 delegates)



These consist of 2 levels  – Introductory and Intermediary with a maximum of 10 delegates per workshop.   
Further information on each level is provided on the Enquire screen.

Contact us for prices

Please contact us if you require further information to help you decide which session would be right for you.

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