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Our new product is on its way!

Our sample is on its way!!!! This moment is just too exciting not to share – a feeling of happiness and relief. A feeling of a new beginning – we have so many successful products selling on Amazon right now, and it feels good to continue to grow our product range.

We have been through this journey so many times and yet, that initial feeling of things finally coming together is one we cannot describe! Why does this part of the Amazon journey bring happy feelings? Maybe it’s due to the months and months of work we’ve done so far: turning an idea into a product, researching so many aspects including safety, acceptance to sell this product on Amazon, identifying profitability, looking at costs to design, manufacture, package, deliver, market etc.

Maybe its knowing our investment in time is finally paying off – working at crazy times of the day and night. If you are serious about working with international suppliers, then starting work at 9 a.m, UK time means its probably close to the time your supplier maybe wrapping up for the day.

Maybe its knowing that finally, we have a legitimate supplier who has ticked all the boxes for us (checklists are very very helpful) – it is easy to get carried away with an idea, and overlook something obvious.

Maybe its because we have done this so many times over the years with multiple successful products listed on Amazon and other online platforms, that we genuinely feel positive vibes, knowing the journey pretty well.

Maybe its because we are a little crazy.

Crazy because we never tire of thinking of new products to sell – we see ideas everywhere! Crazy because we are prepared to go to great lengths to bring products to market.

Crazy because we are passionate about our online selling business - maybe a little obsessed….

Crazy because we are contemplating a new product during these unsettling times in the world – yes, we are a little crazy.

The journey has just begun. Receiving the sample alone will not get it onto Amazon to generate the sales and revenue we desire, there is a lot more work yet to do, but for now, we will embrace the feeling of joy, and share that joy with you. Our hard work is coming together.


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