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The Beginning of AMZ Train

This is our first blog post as we launch the training/consultancy arm of our Amazon Selling Limited Company.

Many businesses bricks and mortar stores are closed due to the pandemic, and there is a rise in demand to sell online. A month ago we were approached as Amazon sellers, and asked if we would be willing to help other businesses become online sellers – we jumped at this opportunity!

We want others to benefit from our knowledge and experience avoiding the challenges that we had. Our ethos is to help others, and this is an exciting opportunity for us to share our knowledge to benefit others.

The spending online market grew 36% in 2020, ref. This has resulted in a permanent change in buying habits providing huge opportunities for businesses who sell online. This can be a trying time for many businesses, and we are glad to be able to help them on their journey selling online.

Selling on Amazon has been very successful for us in many ways, and we want to complement this with our training and consultancy. We continue sourcing new products to sell, and look forward to sharing our experiences with you on this blog.



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