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AMZ Train are online sellers, successfully selling multiple products online on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms every single day.  The experience and knowledge AMZ Train have as online sellers forms the foundation of AMZ Train's Training and Consultancy business – providing selling support to help you exploit the full potential of Amazon and online selling, to significantly grow your business.

Our own Amazon journey commenced over 5 years ago.  We had a product idea, and found an international supplier we felt we could work with, their values aligned with ours, i.e. anti-slavery, fair wage and more.  We took a risk by placing a small order, and did all the labelling and packing here in the UK (our lounge!), before shipping our product to Amazon.  We sold our first product on day 1 of launch, and watched the sales numbers increase, with excitement and panic. Excitement at the ease of selling, panic when we realised we’d be out of stock within days.  Frantic calls to our international supplier resulted in more stock being ordered – and having to contend with production times, delivery and submission to Amazon.

We continue to source and sell products on Amazon, and other platforms, our ideas list is never-ending.  Amazon has given us the life we want, and we now feel able to spend time sharing our experiences to enable others to reap the rewards of online selling

Who are we?

We are a small team based in the Midlands, managing our two businesses from home.  We have a support network around us – dog walkers to walk our beloved 2 pooches when timescales are tight , an excellent Accountant who looks after everything finance related, a Freight Forwarder based here in the UK who knows everything!


We’ve been in the corporate world for a combined total of 60 years, and whilst we have grown and developed in the roles we held, there really is nothing like managing our own time and being accountable to ourselves.  Our key skills are in:

• Business Management
• IT
• Finance
• Training
• Coaching

Value Statement
A passion to help others succeed as online sellers, empowering individuals with skills and knowledge to take control and grow their business.
Vision Statement
Our vision is for other businesses to maximise their ability to sell-on-line.


Get in touch to find out how Amazon and AMZ Train will boost your business.

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